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Month: May, 2012

Writing exercise

How is this for a writing exercise idea, take ten minutes out of your day for a free writing exercise. Sit down and write a story with this piece of dialogue as a prompt “I don’t want to be friends anymore, I don’t like the person you’ve become.” Write for 10 minutes without stopping, don’t edit your work, don’t do anything to it, just be sure to include the piece of dialogue somewhere, I’d like to compare notes. If you would like to, please e-mail me at kit.myers6@gmail.com and I may post it on here



So recently I seem to have gotten involved in a lot of hobbies, it seems to be working though, as inspiration struck the other day. I have been suffering from chronic writers block on my current novel project, I use the card system to create all of my character’s personality traits and keep track of their changes throughout the story. My problem was that I just couldn’t see a way of making my protagonist undergo personal growth, when i had a thunderclap moment (when playing Magic The Gathering of all things, geeky i know, but hey). The reason I couldn’t get my story to work was that the protagonist was boring and one dimensional, i had restricted his personality too much for the story to work, so i took another look at my characters. When I had a really good look at my characters I realised that the secondary character that I had┬árelegated┬áto the sub-plot, was much more interesting, and as soon as i realised that, the pieces fell into place. I have now actually written the prologue and some of chapter one, now to deal with that pesky procrastination problem…