by kitmyers

So recently I seem to have gotten involved in a lot of hobbies, it seems to be working though, as inspiration struck the other day. I have been suffering from chronic writers block on my current novel project, I use the card system to create all of my character’s personality traits and keep track of their changes throughout the story. My problem was that I just couldn’t see a way of making my protagonist undergo personal growth, when i had a thunderclap moment (when playing Magic The Gathering of all things, geeky i know, but hey). The reason I couldn’t get my story to work was that the protagonist was boring and one dimensional, i had restricted his personality too much for the story to work, so i took another look at my characters. When I had a really good look at my characters I realised that the secondary character that I had relegated to the sub-plot, was much more interesting, and as soon as i realised that, the pieces fell into place. I have now actually written the prologue and some of chapter one, now to deal with that pesky procrastination problem…