This makes me so unbelievably angry

by kitmyers 


Spreading misinformation like this makes me so unbelievably angry, this is as bad as the anti-vaccine brigade. Cancer is not caused by a nutritional deficiency it is caused by genetic mutation, sometimes by an environmental Mutagen, sometimes by genetic pre-disposition and sometimes by simply age.

Raw food cannot cure cancer people, for one thing, eating food raw sometimes gives you less nutrients than cooked food (eggs for example), for another CANCER IS NOT CAUSED BY A NUTRIENT DEFiCIENCY!

This is how people die of treatable cancers people.

Edit:  I just talked to my friend who is a doctor and he mentioned something I should have thought about. Most people will do both, chemo and these “non-medical remedies” which is even worse an idea. Chemotherapy is an immunosuppressant  treatment, which means you are more susceptible to bacteria while on it, so eating bacteria contaminated raw food is a very BAD idea.