A rant from my Mam!

by kitmyers

Hi guys, so my Mother has asked me to post an article she wrote. My response? Why the hell not!


Ok I hate racism,

If you were trapped and needed help from a fireman, how many of you that have put racist comments on Facebook, would refuse to take the hand of the Fireman, (who has risked his life to save your sorry arse),  because he or she is Black, Asian, White, Muslim, sky blue pink with purple dots,  I’m thinking none of you!!!!! So why the hell do you think it is appropriate to spread HATE, it’s not nice, it’s not acceptable and it’s just utter bullshit.

All Muslims are NOT TERRORISTS, All Christians are NOT SAINTS, if someone looks different, IT DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE YOUR ENEMY. This county is a Bastardised nation; we have been invaded by every county, race and creed since history began, so tell me if you are white British, what are you? Are you a Celt, Roman, Finn, Swede, French, or German?  Over the centuries we have accepted people of all races, cultures and religion in to our lives; it’s what makes Britain GREAT.

As the British Empire we enslaved half the world and accepted that world as part of our culture. HOW DARE you now decide, because it doesn’t suit you, not accept those into our county and culture, those who we have enslaved in the past, and who I might add, have fought for this county.

I hate the fact that I work hard and the government takes my overtime pay because I am a low wage earner, and gives it to the social state, I hate the fact that jobs are available and third generation Britons have never had a job and never intend to get one; I hate that our soldiers come home and do not have a place to live, I hate even more that the Gurkhas  who have fought for this country for over a hundred years have had to fight to be British. Unfortunately this crap is not isolated to them, Asian, Muslim, Jew, Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist or any other Race, Creed or religion; this is the reason we have a social state, if the shit hits the fan THE STATE WILL KEEP YOU. I have worked all my life, but I have still needed to claim when times got tough. Get a grip folks, PLEASE

I love a joke; Black, White, Irish, Muslim, etc… It’s a joke people, I laugh.

But RACISM with HATE is not.

The Propaganda that is being advertised on Facebook, is what got HITLER and the NAZI party elected and we all know what happened then!!!

Please think about the abuse you are spreading and if you don’t like my post, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO IGNORE ME, I won’t be upset, I won’t lose sleep at night, I won’t mourn your loss

Rant over

Tracy Armstrong